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Why Thousand Hills Golf Resort is the Best

Date: 2016-07-09 12:00:00 am

Why Thousand Hills Golf Resort is the Best


Thousand Hills Golf ResortAt the start of the summer season, it’s a great time to enjoy an irresistible Branson golf experience at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. The convenient location of the resort near the famous 76 Country Music Boulevard allows guests easy access to many exciting attractions including museums, theme parks and live entertainment shows. The resort is also home to the most popular 18-hole golf course in Branson. The golf course is an award-winning course that is played by thousands of professional golfers from around the world each season. A wonderful vacation at Thousand Hills not only gives you the chance to play golf but also allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful scenery and wildlife around the Ozark mountains.

The resort has some great advantages that can help golfers achieve the best Branson golf experience. Some of the advantages that the golfers can enjoy at the resort include the senior flags which are ideal for senior golfers over age 55 allowing them  to drive in the fairways on scheduled days specially open for them. This advantage given to senior golfers was first implemented in fall 2012. Aside from the senior flags, the resort also built a new cart paths so that the senior golfers can walk comfortably to the greens. The new car paths and the senior flag system can help make the senior golfers become more interested in playing golf more often.

Another advantage that the golfers can enjoy at the resort is the re-routing of the course which can help make a better flow and faster round of playing golf. The re-routing of the course put the difficult par later in the round and not after the easiest hole on the golf course. The re-routing helped reduce the typical round to four hours or less. With the re-routing of the course, golfers still enjoy the same 18 holes and can be played in a lesser time.

A great Branson golf experience at Thousand Hills Golf Resort is popularly known in the Midwest because of the resort’s ability to cater different golf skill levels. From beginner to seasoned golfers, the three separate sets of tees assure golfers that the golf course is fair and challenging for all golfers with no discrimination on age and experience.  Thousands of golfers have already played at the resort since 1993, and many of them have enjoyed their golf experience and came back to play again.

The 18-hole golf course at Thousand Hills was rated 4-star by the Golf Digest magazine in 2009. It was also voted Best of the Ozarks by the readers of the Springfield News. Thousand Hills Golf Resort has been known for many years as a favorite golf destination. It has been recognized also by the Midwest Living Magazine as the most chosen place to play golf.

So, if you want to spend a wonderful golf vacation with your family in Branson, come and have the best golfing experience at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

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