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Wildlife Encounters in Branson

Date: 2019-04-26 12:00:00 am

Wildlife Encounters in Branson


If you are looking for a unique outdoor fun in Branson this season, try a wildlife encounter with the wild animals at some Branson zoos where you can have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the most exotic animals on earth. Many of the wildlife attractions in Branson offer guided tours which allow you to explore the facility in an educational, interactive, and entertaining experience to meet some of the most feared animals in the world. The wildlife encounters in Branson can be enjoyed at Branson’s Wild World, National Tiger Sanctuary, and the Promised Land Zoo.

outdoor fun in BransonBranson’s Wild World and Aquarium is a unique attraction in Branson that showcases some of the world’s most deadly, exotic, and intriguing sea and land creatures. Inside this beautiful facility, you will truly enjoy a unique outdoor fun in Branson as you see the aggressive bull shark, different kinds of snakes, and other sea and land critters. At Branson’s Wild World & Aquarium you’re sure to enjoy a great time when you get the chance to feed a variety of animals, including lizards, turtle, bull sharks, koi fish, eels, and more.

Inside this fantastic attraction in Branson, you will have the opportunity to see a variety of animals of the sea, land, and air for an experience you won’t forget. In this unique facility, you will surely appreciate the impressive reef system where you can see some of your favorites like shrimps, lobsters, clownfish, and the Doctor Fish. You’ll enjoy a unique fun as you try to submerge your feet in a tank full of doctor fish that will nibble your feet and stimulate your nervous system.

Your indoor animal adventure at the aquarium gives you the opportunity to see Freshwater Displays where you can encounter a variety of freshwater fish in their natural habitat. The Shark Tank that features a great display of bull sharks and nurse sharks is one of only two locations in the country to display bull shark. A Crocodile & Alligator Enclosure can also be found in the Wild World that you can look through the glass many kinds of fierce-looking reptiles. The aquarium also features the Touch Tank where you can touch all kinds of marine creatures.

The zoo portion of Wild World features Creepy Crawlers where you can see a variety of bugs, spiders, and other insects. You will also find Carnivorous Plants where you can have a close encounter with the meat-eating plants. You can also see a special enclosure of Wolf Woods that features the region’s only indoor wolf display. Also featured in the zoo side of Branson’s Wild World are the deadly Venomous Snakes like the cottonmouths and copperheads as well as the exotic ones like King Cobras and Black Mambas.

National Tiger Sanctuary is another amazing wildlife attraction in the Ozarks where you will find it fascinating to enjoy great outdoor fun in Branson when you see a variety of big cats such as the white tigers, mountain lions, bears, panthers,  Bengal tigers, and many more. Inside the sanctuary, you can get the chance to get up close and personal with the big cats. This tiger sanctuary in Branson provides every visitor the opportunity to enjoy an educational tour in a protective environment and experience a safe encounter with the big cats.

The sanctuary offers visitors a guided tour that operates three times a day. As you tour around the facility, you can have the chance to see the big cats play with each other, nurture their young, and eat as they rip the meats of their feeds. The Tigers and other rescued big cats at the sanctuary are sure to give you fun and excitement that you probably haven’t experienced before.

National Tiger Sanctuary also offers various wildlife refuge tours where visitors are allowed to feed the big cats. A journey behind the scene can also be enjoyed where you will get to see firsthand experience with the tigers how they are cared and fed. You can have the opportunity also to see the preparation of the food in the wildlife refuge and see how the staff help in the feeding process.  At the sanctuary, you’ll find it fantastic tour around the sanctuary and see these majestic critters.

outdoor fun in Branson

Promised Land Zoo is another popular wildlife attraction in Branson where you can find hundreds of animals that represent 50 species from all over the world including kangaroos, deer, antelope, lemurs, giant reptiles, tropical birds, and many more. The zoo started only with just a few animals and has grown to over 500 animals and expanded to more than 120 acres of space. Visitors can have the chance to bottle feed animals on daily schedules at 10 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm.

Promised Land Zoo offers visitors a whole fun and great wildlife adventure. The zoo can accommodate school buses and charter buses and provides a personal tour for visitors who want to get up close and personal with the animals. Inside the zoo, you can bottle feed a camel, a monkey, or just hear stories of the zoo narrated by your tour guide. You can throw some food to animals that are kept in a large cage. You’ll also be amused if you see terrific creatures such as ponies and goats. Some parrots tweet an impressive language that’s sure to delight your day.

Driving inside the facility, you will see yourself in the middle of the forested area witnessing a herd of zebras while buffalo are eyeing you and ostriches chasing your car. As you continue your journey, it’s not unusual to see big cats, monkeys, and all other kinds of animals. Get ready with your camera as you may love to take a picture of the squirrel monkeys and Forrest Hump (a baby camel). You can also find a favorite baby animal in the zoo such as Olive Baboon named Calamity Jane that animal show performer Jungle Josh raised and fed by himself.

The wildlife encounters that you can experience in Branson is sure to give you the opportunity to get up-close and personal of some of the most exotic and feared animals on earth.


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