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Wind Matters Taking Advantage of the Wind while Playing Golf

Date: 2018-02-12 12:00:00 am

Wind Matters: Taking Advantage of the Wind while Playing Golf


Playing golf in Branson can be difficult especially if it’s windy as the wind affects the movement of the golf balls. To some golfers, wind can give advantage to their play, but others think the wind can change the direction of the ball. But it all depends on the direction of the wind. When the direction of the wind is the same as the direction of your ball, then you can have the advantage, but when you hit the ball against the direction of the wind, the ball may not go as far.
playing golf in BransonWhen you hit the ball into the wind, don’t be afraid to go one or even two or three clubs up. The worst thing you can do is swing harder. Grip down on the club, make a shorter backswing. Don’t make too big of a swing as it will destroy your chances of hitting the golf ball the proper distance. Move the ball back in your stance, make the ball fly lower and make a more controlled swing to give you the best chance of achieving your desired distance with the shot at hand.
When you hit the ball with the wind behind you, it can actually affect the higher shots the most – so short iron shots may show more effect than the longer irons. Control the distance with your irons so you can make a lower ball flight. It will be harder to stop your shot so play the roll out when determining distance.
There are actually many tips that you can learn into playing a shot in strong wind. And they should give you a solid foundation and a better chance for a good golf shot. Playing golf in Branson with strong winds is never easy, but if you follow some tips on how to deal with it and keep your poise, you’ll have a better chance than others who try to overpower the wind regardless of how strong it’s blowing.
If you hit the ball in the directions of a cross wind, work the ball into the wind. If you can’t, adjust your aim accordingly with the direction of the wind. A controlled balance swing is still the best swing that you can do. Flighting the ball lower can be an advantage for you.
Have you ever seen some grass thrown in the air after you hit the ball and determine which way the wind is blowing? This will give you idea to where the direction of the wind is going, but unless you’re going to hit the ball at your height it really means very little. 
Here are a few things to think about when playing golf in Branson when it’s windy. The higher you hit the golf ball the more wind will affect the flight, wind gusts making it difficult to really predict the wind and wind has a much greater affect on the golf ball when hitting into it than with it.



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