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Winter Hiking Adventure

Date: 2015-12-26 12:00:00 am

Winter Hiking Adventure


Ozark mountain region has some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the US. Visitors spending a wonderful vacation during winter season can enjoy easy to moderate hikes in many hiking trails through the beautiful forested woods, rugged hollows, waterfalls, and mountain wilderness. Whether you’re visiting the place for a weekend with friends or spending a romantic getaway with your loved one, you’ll find that there are plenty of things to do even during chilly January and February. Whatever hiking trails you want to pick, you can have the opportunity to see wild animals such as wild turkey, lizards, bald eagles, fox, and herds of deer in the lush Ozark Mountain forests.

Winter Hiking The Ozarks is home to more than 200 miles of accessible trails that offer ample options for outdoor fun, whether you’re looking for an exciting day hike, picnic or camping activity, mountain bike ride or enjoying a leisurely horseback-riding adventure. Before you start any adventure in the Ozarks outdoors, be sure to wear an appropriate dress, have the proper gear and bring plenty of water. It will be a good idea if you take more than you think you’ll need. Don’t forget also to bring bug repellant, sunscreen, sun bums as bug bites can wreck an otherwise awesome fun in outdoors.

Some of popular outdoor venues in the Ozarks that offer great hiking trails include the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area, which is beautifully located west of Branson; Dogwood Canyon Nature Park in Lampe, about 40-minute drive from downtown Branson; Table Rock State Park which offers three hiking trails that include 1.5-mile Chinquapin Trail (hiking) and 2.25-mile Lakeshore Trail (hiking and biking), and the White River Valley Trail system  great for hiking and biking. The trailheads for the Lakeshore Trail are accessible at two Branson attractions: Showboat Branson Belle and the Dewey Short Visitors Center near Table Rock Dam.

Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area is mostly forested but offers some terrific trails, from the difficult, 3.4-mile Homesteader’s Trail, to the less than a half-mile Streamside Trail, though rated as “moderate” by the Missouri Department of Conservation, which manages the area. While hiking in the Henning Conservation Area, you will get to see Roark Creek which offers 1,100 acres of forest and an all-around great place for bird-watching.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a wonderful place for any outdoor enthusiast as it offers fantastic walking and bicycling trails. Overall, the park covers about 10,000 acres, so there’s plenty of room to relax, bike, or walk around. No matter what outdoor adventure you choose, you will get to enjoy the park’s stone bridges, beautiful waterfalls, and crystal-clear waters filled with different fish. The Murder Rock Trail in the Branson Creek area is another beautiful hiking spot available around Branson which is great for exploration and has got an unrivaled place in the history of the Ozarks.

If you want to experience a great hiking adventure during winter, visit the Ozarks region which offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the US.

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