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Winter Shows to Warm Your Hearts

Date: 2017-01-18 12:00:00 am

Winter Shows to Warm Your Hearts


Winter shows in BransonThe cold winter weather that everybody can experience doesn’t dampen the spirits of shows in Branson and other exciting attractions. With Branson’s mild temperatures during the season, great shows, attractions, shopping and fine dining are things that can still be enjoyed at any time of day. Don’t stay home and feel the winter blues. Come out to enjoy entertaining hot winter fun shows in Branson which include Grand Jubilee, Comedy Jamboree, Petersen Family Bluegrass Band, It-starring the Hughes Brothers and many more.

The Grand Jubilee which is scheduled to open on January 1, 2017 will feature powerful harmonies and dynamic performance of New South, Branson’s best quartet. From country and gospel songs to rock & roll favorites, the Grand Jubilee surpasses expectations of any age. Jamie Haage as Jim Dandy and Emcee Mike Patrick along with the power vocals of Jackie Brown, they will keep you entertained with much laughter till the end of the show.  Having won Branson’s Best Variety Show, Band of the Year, Quartet of the Year, Comedian of the Year, Piano Player of the Year, Emcee of the Y ear, Fiddle Player of the Year, Guitar Player of the Year, Bass Guitar Player of the Year, Drummer of the Year, and Steel Guitar Player of the Year, it’s clear to see why Grand Jubilee is a must-see show in Branson.

The Comedy Jamboree Show which will also open on January 1 is composed of funny guys Applejack, Harley Worthit, and Stretch McCord, the Jamboree Singers, pianist extraordinaire Tracy Heaston, and the award winning Grand Band. From hilarious comedy, floor-pounding clogging and dancing to today’s favorite country hits, this show is truly one of the hottest shows in Branson. For a fantastic and invigorating afternoon of fun, Comedy Jamboree is a show that will bring you to the edge of your seat.

Opening on January 2, the Petersen Family Bluegrass Band is a unique show where audiences enjoy blending their voices and instruments to please everyone. See Katie plays a wonderful fiddle breaks and tunes while Ellen stimulates the band with her one-of-a-kind hot pink Hopkins banjo. Enjoy the moment with Matthew as he plays rhythm guitar and bass along with his father. Julianne, age 8, the sweetheart of the family will capture the hearts of audiences with her solo vocals and fiddle tunes with her older sister. Karen, the mom of the family plays mandolin to the mix to complete the bluegrass sound.

The “It-starring the Hughes Brothers” which is set to open on January 22, presents a fresh, fun, innovative “it” show – a little word, but big show. The show features over 50 amazing singers, dancers, and musicians and will combine their amazing talents to create Branson’s Ultimate Entertainment Experience. Scintillating harmonies, soaring powerful vocals, hilarious comedy, titillating multi-layered musical arrangements of the best in pop, classical, country, patriotic and gospel music await you.

Considered as the live entertainment show capital of the world, Branson offers tons of amazing winter shows that will help take away your winter blues.

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