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You Gotta Hit Harder!

Date: 2015-11-13 12:00:00 am

You Gotta Hit Harder!


batting cages The Track Family Fun Parks is one of most visited attractions in Branson where you’ll discover more fun and excitement at every turn. Whether you’re going to ride on a high rise go-kart track, or finding your way through the new Laser Maze Challenge, it’s definitely your turn to enjoy a wonderful time in Branson. With four locations of the Track Family Fun Parks in Branson, you are sure to find all the thrilling rides the park can offer. When you are inside the park, there’s never a dull moment, it’s pure excitement and fun for everyone. At Track 5 you can enjoy an exciting game in the batting cages equipped with machines that can throw baseballs and softballs at 4 different speeds.

Batting cages offers complete fun where everyone will surely find it great to play this fascinating game of ball throwing. This ball throwing game is one of the new attractions offered exclusively at Track 5. Batting cages feature four stations that are each equipped to throw four different speeds for both softball and baseball. This challenging game offers options to purchase rounds of 20 pitches with Track credits. If your group wants to have a party event, you can add batting cages for a special price. Your group can even rent a batting cage that allows the whole group to receive consecutive pitching for a half hour or more.

If you are looking for more fun other than ball throwing, hop on the Heavy Metal High Rise with 4 stories high of breathtaking go-kart fun. The huge Wild Woody offers an exhilarating ride in a whopping big wooden track and so with the Lumberjack which is one of Branson’s original wooden high-rise tracks. The whole family can enjoy an exciting ride at the same time at the Road Course Track, a long track that offers higher banked curves than a traditional track which means it can handle more karts.

At the Track Family Fun Parks, you’ll find many exciting go-kart adventures for every taste. If you love mini-golf, try the brand new Route 76 Glow Golf, a custom-designed 9-hole black light that takes you through amazing sights found only in Branson. At the Track, there are tons of thrilling rides that include classic go-karts, bumper cars,  bumper boats, laser tag, kids’ rides, the high-speed sprint track, the 100-foot-tall skycoaster, the G-Force drag race simulator, mini golf, arcades and many more at 4 locations in Branson.

If you want to enjoy with your family a complete fun for the day, buy a Go-Card with 160 credits on the card. With the purchase of this Go-Card you will receive a free G-force ride at Track 5, one topping sundae from Andy’s Frozen Custard, and one free trip to Pizza World Buffet.

The Track 5 is one of the newest attractions at The Track Family Fun Parks where you can play an exciting game of ball throwing in the batting cages equipped with machines that can throw softballs and baseballs at 4 different speeds.

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