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Your Artistic Side

Date: 2015-12-17 12:00:00 am

Your Artistic Side


In the vast land of the Ozark region, adventurist can always have the opportunity to explore countless areas that offer beautiful natural sceneries and great nature fun activities. Many of the areas in the region feature beautiful landscapes that are perfect for photo opportunities. But for visitors who have an artistic talent to draw some of the majestic landscapes from the fascinating Ozark Mountain, don’t need to bring camera to enjoy nature. When you look at a landscape, your eyes scan over it and selectively focus on the elements that you find it appealing.

Table Rock Lake PaintingPrior to photography era, talented artists draw sketches of important subjects and beautiful landscapes to compose and preserve the artwork. Although much of the compositional issues can now be resolved through the lens of the camera with the manipulation of photo editing softwares, sketches are still very much patronized . If you are one of the nature fun seekers, you might have had the experience of driving through a beautiful landscape, where you stop at every scenic place to make photographs to capture the grandeur of what you see. But on the artistic side, it gives more fun if you want to capture the beauty of the landscape with your artistic talent with the use of your skilled hand.

Some of the beautiful landscape subjects that can be great for sketching or drawing include forests, running streams, wilderness area, and National Scenic Riverways. Sketching forests presents a different set of perspectives. Forests offer a unique tree trunk, a winding path, or a splash of colors on flowering plants. It will be great if you can find shafts of light penetrating the forest floor directly lit by the sun.

As the Ozarks is home to clean and clear running streams, you’ll find dramatic landscapes, wild creatures, and breathtaking waterfalls plus millions of wilderness. The remarkable Buffalo River with its 500 ft. tall bluff lines or Sam’s Throne with the picturesque vistas are some of the beautiful landscapes in the area perfect for capturing the scenic beauty through sketching. Another portion of the Ozarks that can be interesting for sketching is the White River Valley wilderness area that extends to northern Arkansas and southwest Missouri.

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways in south central Missouri features beautiful landscape which consists of the Current and Jacks Fork rivers and their tributaries. The area features forest lands with clean and clear running streams that offer good opportunity for sketching and the only wild horse herd that runs free in this area. Another great attraction in the area that offers beautiful landscape that can be perfect for sketching is the Rocky Falls, a large waterfalls that spill over some of the oldest volcanic rock in the nation. The place features a wonderful playground that offers swimming and other nature fun activity during summer time.

The Ozark Mountain features many fascinating spots that offer nature fun for visitors who want to try their artistic talent of drawing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region.

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