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Your Country Home Away from Home

Date: 2015-11-19 12:00:00 am

Your Country Home Away from Home


The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a beautiful dining spot in Branson that offers delicious home-style meals. This old country store is also known for providing a friendly home away from home atmosphere with a fantastic dining experience. This country restaurant prepares food with honest-to-goodness home-style meals from scratch. The classic country meals served in this restaurant is perfect for the whole family any time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Wholesome Fixin’s is a special menu item of the restaurant which is cooked with real and fresh ingredients so its flavor comes out natural.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has a country cooking heritage where many of old hard-working folks created the meals that we know today as home-style. This legacy inspired most of the menu in the restaurant and each dish is handcrafted with unique combinations of ingredients that bring out rich flavors. The restaurant is proud in serving a safe and high quality home-style country meals to all its guest and has a mission in pleasing customers with primary concern in providing delicious country meals.

The high standards, right specifications, and food safety processes practiced in this country restaurant ensure the delivery of great food to each and every restaurant guest. Many restaurants in Branson pride themselves on long-winded mission statements, but this is not the way of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Anyone who walks in the front door of the restaurant, gets a warm welcome and a good meal at a fair price.

Since the first Cracker Barrel Old Country Store opened in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee, they kept things pretty simple and continued to please people. When the first store was set-up, there were important things that need to be attained like what to serve and who would serve it. The food quality also mattered, along with offering of a fair, honest, and affordable price. As times rolled, people started to like Cracker Barrel and good news about it spread around the area. Pretty soon, local folks were waiting in line for biscuits and gravy, turnip greens, and all other good country cookin’ meal that Cracker Barrel had to offer.

It didn’t take long for The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and its investors to see a whole lot more opportunities ahead of them, and by 1977 there were 13 stores in Tennessee and Georgia. You might not believe this, that the early stores in Tennessee sold gasoline which makes essence since the family who started this country store was in the oil business. As time moved on, Cracker Barrel grew and in 1990 the company runs a total of 84 stores across the country. It then grew to 257 Cracker Barrel locations at the end of 1996.

Today, The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has now over 600 stores in 42 states, all owned by a company that has no plans for franchising so that they are able to maintain the consistency which most of the guest relies upon.

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