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Yuyan: An Amazing Chinese Fairytale

Date: 2018-12-27 12:00:00 am

Yuyan: An Amazing Chinese Fairytale


The story of Yuyan a Chinese Fairytale at the White House Theater is one of the best stage shows in Branson to see this season.

This two-hour show featuring beautiful costuming, high-flying acrobatic acts, LED effects, and stage-of-the-art theater equipment is sure to enlighten audiences of all ages. Come see this Chinese Fairytale and experience bodies of strength, gravity defied, the glow of one of largest LED walls in the Midwest, a show that glitters like the stars in heaven, and as fascinating as the highest mountain. As one of the most exciting shows in Branson, Yuyan: A Chinese Fairytale is sure to give a blast to the entire family.

With a perfect mixture of storytelling, unbelievable lighting, state of the art sets, huge sound, and gorgeous costuming, Yuyan proves to be one of the premier full production shows to catch while vacationing in Branson. Full of powerful acts, acrobatic feats, amazing choreography, and immersive sets, this show in Branson is poised to redefine the genre of family-oriented production shows. You will be brought on a ride with a path to incredible acts through the determination of some of the most talented performers from China.

shows in BransonThe White House Theater is known for bringing quality entertainment and awesome shows to the Ozarks. As the ultra-modern theater brings a world class Chinese production, the audience is sure to be impressed and immersed into an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. You will never see again a production show like this in Branson. So if you are looking for a show that is something unique and thrilling to add to your next vacation in Branson, this is your chance to buy your tickets to Yuyan. This show is sure to be a blast for all ages.

As the show is about to unfold, you will be treated to a fascinating exploration of Chinese culture as the show performers immerse themselves side by side with battles and triumphs. A brand-new show that debutted for the summer of 2018, it features perfect performances of high-flying acrobatic acts, astonishing feats of human strength, and lots of fun for one of the best shows that have ever graced the Branson stage. Everyone in the audience will be truly swept away by the special effects, state-of-the-art sound system, spectacular LED wall, and stunningly-crafted costuming.

Yuyan: A Chinese Fairytale is a family-friendly show not to be missed this season. In this show, you will experience everything you love about Chinese acrobatic acts, the grace, the beauty, and the astounding performances displayed by phenomenal artists as they dazzle you with you nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, and gravity-defying stunts. The show is suitable for all ages, appealing to moms, dads, youngsters, and old ones – yet intriguing and exciting enough to capture the hearts of even the most disenchanted teenagers.

Filled with some of China’s most gifted artists, Yuyan: A Chinese Fairytale is one of the best stage shows in Branson that features stunning performances and total thrill from beginning to end.


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