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Welcome the 2019 with Laughter!

Date: 2018-12-18 12:00:00 am

Welcome the 2019 with Laughter!


The Comedy Jamboree Show at the Grand Country Music Hall is one of the shows in Branson where you can start the year with laughter featuring Applejack and Guppy McGree.

These two comedians will not only make you laugh, but they will do some upbeat music too, plus the jamming country music of Todd Bradshaw. This entertaining show in Branson is appropriate for people of all ages and sure to amaze everyone in the audience. As the performers are about to deliver their hilarious comedy and musical numbers, you will be laughing and dancing right along with these awesome artists.

shows in BransonThis show is full of clean comedy, dancing, and a variety of music that’s idealfor the whole family. Everyone in the audience will have an interactive experience, so don’t be surprised if you are pulled from your seat by Applejack to participate in his humorous acts. Country singer Todd Bradshaw performs several musical numbers while Tracy Heaston moves audiences to the edge of their seat as she delivers flawless piano techniques.

Floor-pounding acts, colourful costumes, and even more ridiculous stage props make this production well worth seeing. A heavy variety show, Comedy Jamboree is sure to give fun and excitement for every member of the family.

As expected by the audience from the title of the show, comedy is the highlight of the production. From the comedians very first routine to the last, they will captivate everyone’s heart and will have you dancing with laughter not only with their jokes and unique routines, but with their costuming.

This is a kind of a truly entertaining show in Branson that is all about, live music performed by a great cast and some really funny and unique comedy antics performed by two very funny guys. This is an entertaining and fun filled show not to be missed.

The Comedy Jamboree offers something for audiences of all ages as it features an all-star cast of comedians, dancers, musicians, and of course the Ozark Mountain Country Band. In this show, you will hear great music from country, rock, gospel, and pop genres including unmatched piano performance of Tracy Heaston.

This matinee show is G-rated, slap stick comedy that will make the performances of the talented artists truly entertaining. With the energetic performance of country, rock and gospel songs, plus hilarious skits by a cast of professional artists, the Comedy Jamboree is a must-see show in Branson.

The combination of talents of the musicians, vocalists and the show’s comedy routines effortlessly gives the audience a complete fun and excitement from one entertaining segment to another. Including in the cast are dancers in elaborate costumes doing floor-pounding clogging routines and using various stage props. Before and after the show, the artists are more than happy to interact with guests which adds a welcome touch to the enjoyment of this show.

As one of the best comedy shows in Branson to watch in 2019, The Comedy Jamboree will have you laughing and dancing along with hilarious comedy and great music.


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